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Do you allow animals in your vehicles?

We do not allow any animals other than Assistance Dogs to be transported in our vehicles. If you are travelling with an Assistance Dog, we draw to your attention that we do not supply dog guards or any other form of animal restraint for our vehicles and you are therefore responsible at all times for the behaviour and well-being of your dog. This responsibility includes ensuring that the dog is suitably restrained at all times so that it remains safe, it does not distract the driver or cause risk or injury to you or any other passengers sharing the vehicle with you. Please note that we do not under any circumstances accept liability for damage suffered to the vehicle or for injury caused to the dog or to you or the driver or to any passengers as a result of your failure to keep the dog appropriately restrained and/or controlled. In addition you are required to return the vehicle to us in the same condition as it was at the start of the hire period (fair wear and tear excepted). Valeting charges may apply should additional valeting services be required.

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