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Is insurance included in the rate quoted?

When you rent a vehicle from Europcar, Third Party Liability cover for Bodily Injury and Property Damage will always be provided, in accordance with the legal requirements of the country of rental.  This cover is automatically included in the rental at no extra cost.  The level of coverage provided depends on local legislation and markets.

Please check with an agent when booking or picking up the vehicle. At time of booking Europcar presents a summary of the cover(s) included or excluded. Additional cover(s) not included in the rate can be purchased at the time of rental (subject to payment of an additional daily charge).  Prices are displayed on the booking confirmation.

 To select rates with cover included when using the Europcar website, simply click on the link "Check rates including basic coverage" when you arrive on the "choose vehicle" page.

 *For rentals by residents of the United States, cover is automatically excluded from the rental price. 

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