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May I use my credit card coverage?

Declining Europcar CDW and TW: To decline our Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Waiver (THW), the driver must have a US issued World MasterCard or Canadian issued Gold/Platinum Visa/MasterCard AND PROVIDE WRITTEN PROOF that the card has relevant coverage for the Republic of Ireland.  

The letter must be dated within 21 days of the pickup date and contain the credit card number (partly masked is acceptable).  When both a relevant card and letter of proof are provided, for security reasons 5,000Euro will be pre-authorised on your card in case there is damage to the rental vehicle.   If there is a damage charge, this amount can be claimed back through your credit card company.  This process is between the driver and the credit card company. We cannot be held responsible for any exchange rate charges. 
  If a letter confirming CDW coverage is not provided on collection of the vehicle or if your card does not provide the relevant coverage or if you do not have 5,000Euro available on your card, you will be required to purchase our CDW and Theft Waiver at the local daily rate (Eur24-33). 

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