Home FAQ Loyalty Programs 3. PRIVILEGE : YOUR REWARDS AND BENEFITS How does the reward of a free weekend after 3 rentals work?

How does the reward of a free weekend after 3 rentals work?

You are eligible to one free weekend rental of 3 days after completing 3 rentals, in any calendar year. That means 3 rentals completed between 1st January and 31st December, irrespective of when you join Privilege or any changes in your status.

When you have completed 3 eligible rentals in the calendar year, you will receive an email confirming your free weekend reward with instructions on how to redeem it. The reward can only be redeemed through the link in the email. It is valid for 12 months from the day you receive it.

On the 1st January each year, your credits towards this and other rewards is reset to 0.

Rentals booked through a third-party, broker, travel agency, car replacement services and selected other rates are not eligible for Privilege credits towards your status or rewards. 

You can see the full terms of conditions of the Privilege Free Weekend reward here

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