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What happens when I am downgraded or renewed?

Your Privilege tier level is determined by the number of Privilege Credits accumulated in a 24-month period.

This 24-period starts on the most recent of the following events: Enrollment to Privilege, Upgrade, Downgrade, Renewal.
If you have not earned enough credits to progress to the next tier, your membership will be renewed.

A new 24-month period will start from that date, but your Privilege credits will be reset to zero. You then have this 24-month period to earn the required credits to remain at that level, otherwise you will be downgraded.

A new 24-month membership period with the lower tier level will start with 0 credits. If you already hold the Club tier level but do have enough credits to progress to Executive, your membership will be renewed with the same tier level.
Your tier level renewal or downgrade notification will be sent to the email address on your account. That's why it's vital you keep this email address up to date.
You can update this email at any time in the Account area on the Europcar website or by contacting us.

If you are downgraded or renewed to the Club or Executive tier, the Privilege Card on your phone will update automatically. If you are downgraded or renewed to Elite or Elite VIP, you will receive a new card by post, unless you choose to download the Privilege Card to your phone.

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