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What is the Europcar Reservation Guarantee policy?

The Europcar rental location (pick up station) is required to provide, within a given "guaranteed period", the requested vehicle category as confirmed at time of booking. This is applicable if the named driver satisfies the rental requirements (minimum age, valid driving licence, etc.). If the vehicle category cannot be provided during this "guaranteed period", you will be proposed alternative solutions within one hour after your arrival at the station at no additional cost.

The Guaranteed period may vary according to the payment details provided at time of booking: One Hour Guarantee(*): If you did not provide payment card details at time of booking, the Europcar rental location can only hold your vehicle up to one hour after the requested pick-up time. Reservation Guarantee Hold (until station closing time): If you provided payment card details and Driver ID at time of booking, a "Reservation Guarantee Hold" applies until the station closing time (or until 12 noon the following day for stations open 24 hours a day). This means that the station will hold a vehicle available for the booking. Reservations for which payment will be made at the station may be cancelled or amended up to 2 hours before the due pick up time at no extra charge for the customer. Failing to cancel the reservation and to collect the vehicle before the station's closing time will incur a no show fee of €30 plus tax, or equivalent in the currency of the rental country. This extended guarantee also automatically applies to prepaid reservations (reservations for which payment was made at the time of booking).

(*) At airport rental stations, the reservation is guaranteed for one (1) hour after the actual flight arrival time if the reservation has been quoted with a flight number.

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